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Today, more than ever before, it is crucial for a company to understand how a consumer or prospect interacts with its offering and how valuablethisexperience is. Capturing and understanding this journey is an important factor oflong-term growth.

The Customer Journey is the map ofthe process and the touchpoints, from beginning to end, that canidentifyif the customers are moving towards the desired goal: conversion.

In today’s complex world, the customer journey is not a linear journey from A to B. Consumers often move back and forth, andthe journey is a multi-channel experience.

t Citrine wehelp you visualize this with the Customer Journey Map, identifying the most significant touchpoints of the route. Design thinking helps us understand users across all touchpoints of the consumer journey, as well map your company’s underlying experiential, technological, and operational requirements. Where necessary, we set specific and measurable goals for the ongoingmonitoring and optimization of the customer journey.

We research the needs and pain points of your current customers creating a base for recruiting new. This will create a customer-focused mentality throughout the company,as well as new capabilities. The new stunning experience will result in repeat purchase and loyalty.


In ourDigital Labwe designoriginal, innovative graphic concepts in the most relevant content formats, which reflect the image of a brand. Depending on your needs, we suggest and create important pieces of your Corporate Identity and Brand Communication, from brand applications to the creation of a Brand bible.

• Logo Design

• Corporate Identity 

• Brand visual applications


Today, online presence highlights the philosophy and the USPof a brand, helping it stand out from the competition.Whether it is a website, e-shop, appor any other digital application that connectsthe business with its potential or existing customers, online presence significantly affects the perceived image of a brand. This image is a fundamental component of Branding.Emphasizingon trends and equipped with solidknowledge and experience in the field of Web Design, we undertake thedesign and creation of elegant, suitable, responsive website & e-commerce platforms, mobile apps, landing pages and microsites.


We design focusing on the user! User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) reflect two different design fundamentals that complement each other for the best user experience. User Experience (UX) refers to the overall functionality and usability of a Digital application, while the User Interface (UI) refers to all those elements that compose the visual experience of a website or application.

Citrine team proposes UX & UI friendly design solutions to enhance the user experience. For ourDigital Lab, UX & UI is not just a methodology -it is also an answer to the real need of the user, for seamless navigation.