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International economy has shifted to an attention-based economy, and although information is not scarce, attention is. Countless voices struggle to grab the attention of consumers on-line and offline, every day.

Every business must stand out and provide to its target-audience with stories or content that are aligned with their values and goals. We in Citrine help you discover and unfold your Brand Voice to communicate its USP to the outside world with impact and effectiveness.


Digital Marketing is today akey component of the Business Plan. It includes a number of tools to reach the audience, enhance brand awareness, so as to achieve goals with fully measurable results. Based on the needs of each brand, with a results-driven mindset, we propose and create the appropriate Digital Marketing Strategy.Our Digital Lab offers Digital Marketing services that include:

•Web analytics

•Search Engine Optimization

•Social Media Marketing

•Google AdWords

•Email Marketing


Data and analytics is the cornerstone of a company. When combined with customer insights and forecasting, data analysis can help your company grow more than 20% in revenue. Today, data management and new methods of accessing enable companies to capture this value more than never before.

With our digital expertise, we help our clients use data to solve real business problems, build new capabilities and culture to become a data-driven organization. Besides designing a data strategy tailored for your company, we securethe right balance of data access and data security. Your company will evolve into a data-organization culture, and employees capable of using se data as a tool in everyday decision making.


Brand Site: In our digital world, online presence is crucial for B2B or B2C companies, across industries or regardless of size. Creating the right brand site will enable you to connect and communicate effectively with your audience.

E-commerce: COVID-19 pandemic crisis was a magnifying glass for a company to realize the need to offer their products and services online.

At Citrine we use our know-how and vast experience to build websites that will meet the needs of our customers.

With many years of experience in the field of construction of simple or complex e-commerce applications, our Digital Lab utilizes all the complex tools of Digital Technology, providing easy navigation, high functionality and premium aesthetics applications.