Digital Marketing

Our long experience in the marketing and communication combined with our expertise and our daily involvement with Online technologies enables us to have a full view of the strategic planning of your presence on the Internet. Work with us to map out a comprehensive plan of your internet strategy.

Treat your presence on the Internet with the same seriousness that encounter every business move you. Internet services / Digital Marketing offered by Citrine is:


Web Design

Your website reflects the image of your business and therefore should be and shows perfect for your prospective customers. It is the basis

around which you can build the overall presence on the Internet, and the first image with which faced by consumers when looking for your company, products or services. Learn more here how Citrine can create the perfect website for your business needs or to optimize your existing website by updating the technical and artistic.


Social Media Markerting

Social Media Marketing is the use of Social Media Networks for the presentation and promotion of a brand, a product or a service. The Social Media Marketing is

much more than the creation of profile, page, group or an account in the Social Media Networks. Citrine offers a comprehensive Social Media Marketing strategy that will help you maximize the added value of your products or services. Learn more here.


Sell 24 hours. E-shop is an indispensable tool for your business as it can increase your sales quickly. Consumers can shop that time want

directly compare the prices of the products that interest them and have a complete picture of the market and your competitors. E-shop will take them out of the chaotic situation and the impasse and persuade them to trust you. Leave your e-shop make sales itself and let Citrine offer you a properly functioning electronic store designed with attractive appearance.

Search Engine Optimization

What is the point to create one perfect site on the internet when you can not look at it? How to come to you your potential customers when they can not find with a simple search in the search engines?


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves a set of actions taken at all stages of development & amp; management for your website. Citrine using specific techniques that can help your page to appear in the top positions of search engine results and stakeholders to be informed about your services quickly and easily. Learn how we can help you here.


Google Adwords

Google Adwords ensure that your business or your brand will appear in the top results of the most widespread search engine where you looking for internet users.


Learn more about your viewing capabilities through Google Adwords here.


E-mail Marketing

You can send email a real tool for your business by learning what your customers want from you. Through email marketing you can get repetitive

Sales staying in touch with your customers. The Citrine designs and implements for you so newsletter campaigns and mass mail campaigns. Learn more here.


Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management resulted from the desire of large companies to strengthen their positive image and monitor their online reputation. Citrine undertakes to manage in such a way the image of your company to

create a strong brand name with positive posts on search engines. More about Online Reputation Management services of Citrine can be found here.


Web Banners

Spread your message with a static or dynamic web banner. The banners must be dynamic with intelligent content to show the necessary information enhancing the image of your business. We design stylish banners that

immediately eye catching without being boring for users when navigate to the various sites










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