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Strengthen your relationships with consumers – Attract new customers! From a simple presence until a comprehensive strategy Social Media!


question1What is Social Media Marketing;

Social Media Marketing refers to the optimal use of Social Media Networks for the projection and promotion of a brand, a product, a service or a public figure. It includes all strategic decisions, technical implementation and regular enforcement actions that should be undertaken in the context of developing a sound and integrated a brand presence in Social Media Networks. The big bet called to win business is to join a new model of human relationships developed through Social Media Networks, understanding the way in which consumers communicate in Social Media Networks and how their impressions in these new media influencing consumer behavior.


question2What is Social Media Networks;

Our world is structured around the personal, our business and social contacts and our daily interactions with other people of our environment. The Social Media Networks managed to turn these relationships in a vibrant online map personal contacts, accessible by anyone at any time. Social Media Networks or else social networking sites are online communities where consumers -MEMBERS these Communities and communicate, exchange opinions daily and social issues, criticize, ask for help, make suggestions and assess products and services. The most common ones are the following: Facebook, Youtube, twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest.

question3Why Social Media Marketing;

The customer-oriented approach in marketing has become an indisputable fact, with the consumer client be placed at the center of the business effort. Social Media Marketing puts the customer at the center of communication, enhancing its role. Customers through Social Media Marketing utilizing the best social networking tools achieve two-way communication and dialogue within communities of online, humanizing the brand and bringing the consumer from passive accepted messages and information to active participant and protagonist.

question4Social Media Marketing vs Traditional Marketing;

The difference of Social Media Marketing compared to traditional marketing lies in how use of Social Media Sites. The Social Media Sites are not another communication channel in which each brand buys space and time. They are essentially proprietary communication channels that allow the brand to be in a continuous, real time communication with consumers in their own familiar environment. However, to Social Media Marketing did not come to replace traditional marketing, but act complementary to that in the framework of an integrated marketing strategy.

question5How can Social Media to benefit the company or my brand;

Social Media Marketing is aimed at both large and small businesses. Famous brands market using Social Media to attract new customers and to retain the reputation of their name, while targeting a broad audience of consumers. As part of an integrated strategy for your presence in Social Media, we set appropriate goals, we design, develop and implement the necessary tactical steps to reap the best benefits for your brand. We choose the most appropriate Social Media for your brand and strategically draw your presence on each of it. Facebook Campaigns, Facebook applications, Facebook Ads, Twitter Marketing and Youtube Marketing are just some of the services we offer to our customers.

question6Social Media Marketing & big companies

Social Media are a new age tool with huge consumer base from which they can not be absent famous brands. Operations carried out on the internet within the Social Media Marketing combined with offline marketing actions and formulate an integrated communication marketing. Open dialogue developed in Social Media, humanizes the brand strengthening the brand loyalty of customers.

question7Social Media Marketing & small companies

Social Media enable small businesses to make known the brand in a wide range of consumers, develop targeted their customer base and to increase their sales through specific actions that link the online with the offline presence of their brand.














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