Citrine Marketing Communication & City Unity College

The expertise and knowledge on the Social Μedia, considered an essential qualification in all sectors of the market. The Social Media Diploma of CITY Unity σwith cooperation with the professional experience of its staff Citrine can provide all the necessary knowledge and skills. High-quality educational services, contribute in such a way as to enable someone to gain the experience required in the world of internet. The integrated training program is the excellent choice for those who want to take care of the communication sector, as defined today. The Social Media Diploma of CITY Unity is the more comprehensive program that will ensure your obtaining the Diploma in Social Media.


Social Media Diploma is for

professionals in various sectors and individuals who want to develop skills based on changing market requirements.

  • Experienced executives market who want to develop their knowledge according to the needs and demands of today.
  • Freelancers and small businesses wishing to exploit the Internet and new media to increase their sales.
  • Students or young graduates who want to strengthen their CV for better into the labor market.
  • Professionals interested in acquiring skills in Social Media for professional promotion and networking.

Academic staff.

Academic staff consists of distinguished professors professionals with excellent knowledge of the subject they teach. The choice of academic staff is subject to very strict procedures and evaluations are based on standards applying to quality education globally.


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