Hotel Facebook Marketing

The Citrine undertaken through a range of actions in the professional presence of your hotel on Facebook.


Citrine offer

developing your hotel professional presence on Facebook. We carry out the whole range of activities necessary for the preparation of an integrated presence with procedures relating to technical, visual strategies and implementing operational parameters of your page.

  • Develop of Facebook Page.
  • Designing of Facebook Page.
  • Facebook Social Media Marketing Plan.
  • Achieve reservation datacollecting travelers.
  • Facebook ads.




Develop of Facebook page 

and ensure that the page will be structured in a way that serves the convenience of sourcing by travelers worldwide. Through the use of specialized techniques, we achieve the look of your Facebook site in the first page of search engine results of Facebook. Transfer the presence of the hotel on Facebook to the next level by preparing Social Media Marketing Plan linking your strategy on Facebook to your site offline strategy.

We achieve reservations!

We attract potential visitors of the hotel through the development of specialized subscription form on your Facebook Page. We give you the opportunity to collect personal information targeted travelers that have expressed some interest in the destination area where the hotel is located and use them to achieve bookings.



We design

the Facebook Page to see your facilities and highlighted the particular aesthetics of your hotel, in a way that emphasized their professional, complete your presence on Facebook. Through the visual editing page can be contacted character and your corporate site identity and contact magazines individual services or activities.

We undertake the advertising campaign management

on Facebook for your hotel. We develop eye-catching photos and challenging texts, able to pique the interest of travelers and make them to visit the landing page and your Facebook Page and book easily, directly and simply by pressing a button!

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