Web Marketing Seminar

Invest in your education by choosing one of the seminars Web Marketing!
Learn from those who have learned the best!

Learn from those who have learned the best! Participate in Social Media Marketing seminars to in 2016 and equip with the most sought skills in the market!

The seminars will be conducted by Citrine Marketing Communication.

Social Media Marketing Seminar

Online Marketing and Social Media revolution have contributed to review of consumer-market method, creating a new set of required skills and knowledge you need to acquire market executives.

Citrine, a pioneer in the area of Social Media Marketing and extensive experience in the field of education Social Media provides seminars aiming at continuing education and training on these new media.


  • How do I use Social Media: the my Facebook Page or Twitter account to increase traffic / sales of my company?
  • How can run” targeted promotions within Of this Facebook with measurable results?
  • How do I take this knowledge from analytics;
  • How can I reduce the cost of advertising for my products and services and to increase their performance?
  • How do I transform my fans to customers?
  • How can I manage negative reports or malicious comments on my pages?
  • Why my competitors have more fans than me?
  • What are Facebook Tabs for my page and how I can optimize their use?
  • What are Facebook Applications and how they can help the movement of my page. How to help the Facebook Applications;
  • How do I use the YouTube to view my company?
  • How to spread the videos of my business via YouTube;

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube … all talk about the social networking site, most are members of them, but few really know.

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube … all talk about the social networking site, most are members of them, but few really know how to use them. All talk about buzz, all create a Facebook page, but how many actually enhance their corporate image and increase sales.

Social Media is another point of contact with the client that enables you to make targeted actions with measurable results. Exploit the potential of Social Media and Web Marketing for your professional growth and increase traffic and sales. Book now your place at the seminar Social Media Marketing of Citrine.



Social Media Analytics Seminar

Put Analytics & Insights to “work” for you! Secrets plucked through statis

  • What is mean the numbers in Analytics in Social Media?
  • How translated and how do through them to put goals and change strategy in Social Media?

Measure your power in the seminar Social Media Social Media Analytics & Insights!

The  1st seminar Social Media Analytics & Insights for those who have been Social Media handling skills and want to develop their skills a step further!

Facebook Marketing Seminar

«There is a lot to “like” about Facebook Marketing Seminar»

Like, comment, share, reach, talking about this, virality!

If all this is complicated for you, it’s time to update! Millions of users in Greece adore as Facebook, the traffic is such that surpasses even that of Google. Facebook has become part of our everyday life and businesses were quick to understand and exploit the popularity to their advantage!

Will you stay outside?




Search Engine Optimization Seminar

There is a growing demand for specialists with expertise in website optimization and related skills Marketing.

If you believe that to reach a page high on search engines has to spend a large budget, then you definitely need to learn the secrets that make a site be found on search engines.


SEO Seminar is what will make special order to create your own search engine optimization for any site.

For whom is the Web Marketing Seminar;

  • Experienced market executives who want to develop their skills based on changing market requirements.
  • Freelancers and small businesses wishing to exploit the Internet and new media to increase their sales.
  • Students or young graduates who want to strengthen their CV for better into the labor market.