Word of Mouth Marketing

Look directly measurable results of your advertising campaign on the Internet and find your new prospects!

What s Word of Mouth?

Word of Mouth relates to personal communication and transfer of information among consumers. In particular, based on confidential opinion a happy consumer about a product / service and the dissemination of this opinion in the circle of contacts. Given, however, that we can not wait when it will speak the customer, we create a network of truly satisfied customers who use the product and talk about it.

Why Word of Mouth?

Because of the personal nature of Word of Mouth, information conveyed in this way add prestige and credibility to the message. People tend to trust the Word of Mouth messages because they consider that the broadcaster speaks honestly and not the ultimate goal.

Word of Mouth in numbers

  • 9 out of 10 consumers believe the Word of Mouth the main factor in their decision to purchase a brand.
  • 20% of consumers choose brand exclusively based on recommendations from friends and acquaintances.
  • The average person in a week is Word of Mouth debates for 56 brands.

Citrine Word of Mouth Campaigns

Citrine applied Word of Mouth campaigns through the formation of networks with customers using the product or service and discuss it. Word of Mouth campaigns can be:
Μassive: massive Word of Mouth campaigns conducted through large groups of people belonging to a legitimate target group.

Οpinion Leaders: Word of Mouth campaigns targeting specific, reliable and trusted individuals who have the potential to affect specific targeted audiences. The opinion leaders are selected according to individual requirements of each brand being promoted.











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